Our Mission and Values.

Founded by an epigeneticist and a behavioral scientist fed up with the status quo of how we manage our health.

Nutrigene empowers billions of people to take control of their health, starting with access to information and actionable insights around nutrition.

Everyone is unique, yet vitamins are marketed to the world in one-size-fits-all portions.

Effective, personalized liquid supplements are our first step. People can now measure and personalize what our bodies need now, and Nutrigene customers know that those needs evolve. By joining our journey, you’re part of a movement to enable the disease-free, optimized human being. Work with us to optimize your health throughout life’s many milestones.

Leadership Team
Min FitzGerald

Min FitzGerald - CEO

Min's personal mission

“I’ve lost one too many family members to completely preventable chronic diseases, which started my journey to change the way we manage our lifestyle today. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve spent time as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, holistic health coach and behavioral scientist to work with clients one-on-one to change their lives for the better. Nutrigene is aligned with my life purpose - to create a tangible, easy way for us to be healthier, every day.”

Van Duesterberg

Van Duesterberg, PhD - CTO

Van's personal mission

“My personal passion has been to quantify biological processes for us to better understand how nature works. I've studied +10 years in epigenetics and biophysics at UCLA, NIH, and Stanford to understand how the environment effects the kinetics of vitamin metabolic pathways, and I believe we can map out the relationship between the environment and our genes. When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I realized how empowering it was to have this insight to manage and improve my health. With Nutrigene, I am sharing my insights and research and applying it to lifestyle management. I think everyone should be enabled to optimize your health, and we are starting by providing highest quality supplements with clinical study validated research to create your unique formulations.”


Our Advisory Board includes leading researchers, health practitioners and executives that are passionate about enabling people to be proactive about health. They work closely with us on everything from strategy, product and formulation development.

Bruce Hollis, PhD

Faculty, Medical University of South Carolina

Mitesh Rao, MD

MD, Stanford Healthcare

Margaret Arent, M.Ac

Director, Lingshu Institute

Patti Cazzato

CEO, Timbuk2

Amy Schoening

MD, True Story Branding